Informed. Prepared. Together
  • Storm - Tempête
    Strong winds can be devastating and cause extensive damage. Although violent gusts cannot always be predicted, a few preventive measures can limit the damage.
  • Always

    • Ensure that your roof is properly maintained and check that there are no loose tiles.


    • Check that your gutters are not clogged.


    • Periodically have the exterior of your chimney checked (risk of collapse).


    When a storm is forecast

    • Move anything that could be carried away by the wind inside if possible, or secure it, e.g. garden furniture, toys, trampoline.
    • Close windows and doors.
    • If the storm is accompanied by thunderstorms, unplug your computer(s), TV(s) and other electrical appliances.
    • Make sure your pets are indoors.


    Informeer je - Informez-vousFind out what you can by monitoring the media and following the recommendations of the authorities in case of a storm warning.


    Solidariteit - SolidaritéDo not hesitate to help your neighbours if necessary.



    • If you are in an open space, never shelter under a tree in strong winds.
    • Stay indoors and only go outside if it is really necessary.


    If you absolutely must go out during a storm

    • Avoid touching electrical cables on the ground, because they may be live.


    If you need to travel

    • Always drive on primary roads and avoid routes through a forest.


    • Do not park your vehicle near trees.


    A storm may be accompanied by heavy rain and thunderstorms, in that case:

    • Avoid driving on roads that are under water.
    • Go inside the nearest building and never shelter under a tree.
    • Turn on the radio, television and other electrical appliances off.
    • Listen to the weather forecast via a battery-powered radio or your smartphone.


  • Your home

    • Has your roof been damaged? The emergency services can evaluate the need to temporarily cover certain damaged roofs with tarpaulins (short-term solution). Do not postpone repairing a damaged roof, to avoid having additional problems. Contact private building contractors urgently.


    • If the storm brought debris with it, check with your municipality to see if they have arranged collections.


    • Call 1722 for non-urgent interventions of the fire brigade (fallen tree, mudslide, ...). Keep the emergency number 112 free for those who are in peril of death.  



    • Contact your insurance company as soon as possible. They will answer your questions and help you to start the procedure to settle a claim.
    • Take photos of the damaged areas: they can be useful for your claim dossier.


    • Find out information from the local authorities: they will provide you with useful information about the consequences of the emergency.