Informed. Prepared. Together
  • Massaevenement - Evenement de masse
    Mass events
    Large-scale events often attract a lot of people. For instance, festivals, popular feasts or demonstrations. One of the risks of such large gatherings is the development of a panic reaction or a sudden crowd movement. In addition, other risks can occur, which should be taken into account in advance, e.g. a heat wave, a thunderstorm, a storm, a fight,...
  • When you arrive at an event

    • Check the map of the area. Perhaps take a picture of the map.
    • Spot immediately the emergency exits and the places that can provide protection.
    • Look for the medical posts. Usually they are very well-displayed by the emergency services.
    • Agree with your friends in advance on a place, outside the crowd, where you will be able to find one another.


    When you are at the festival

    • Bring earplugs.
    • Make sure your phone is charged.


    When you are at the camping site

    • Prepare a first aid kit:
      • Headache medications
      • Antiemetics 
      • Remedy for diarrhoea
      • Adhesive bandages
      • Usual medication
      • Sunscreen
      • If you have medication that needs to be kept in a cool and/or dry spot, you can give it to the first aid post. 
    • Take a flashlight with you to move around in the dark.



  • If you do end up in a mass crowd

    • Stay calm
    • Follow the instructions of the emergency services or organisation.
    • Stay close to the walls or tent canvas; partitions slow down the crowd.
    • Let yourself be carried away by the flow of the crowd without resisting it; this way you are less likely to fall.
    • Stay with your friends and hold on to each other.
    • If you fall, try to get up again as soon as possible by holding on to something. Yell so that the people around you pay attention to you.
    • If you can't get up, lay in the fetal position, protecting your head, ribs and stomach.
    • Do not make any phone calls, this way the network will be kept free for the emergency services. Send an SMS or use social media (WhatsApp, Messenger, etc.).
    • Pay attention to the messages on screens (or to the loudspeakers).


    • Try to reach your friends, preferably by text message, and agree to get together at a place away from the crowd
    • If you are injured, go to the medical post.