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Schuilen - Mise a l'abri

Depending on the emergency, the authorities may recommend that you take shelter (rainstorms, chemical leak at a factory, heavy smoke, discharge of radioactive waste from a nuclear power plant). This is a precaution to ensure that you remain safe by staying inside your home.


At home

  • Close all windows and outside doors.
  • Switch all ventilation, heating and air-conditioning systems off.
  • Shut off the flow of external air to your chimney.
  • Listen to the media (radio, TV) and follow the authorities' recommendations (Mayor, Governor or Minister).
  • Bring your pets indoors.


In the car

  • If you are close to home, your workplace or a public building, immediately go inside. Follow the same recommendations set out above.
  • If you cannot enter the nearest building, park your vehicle in a safe place (at right angles to the wind direction).
  • Stop the engine, close the windows and turn off the air conditioning to prevent air coming into your vehicle.
  • Listen to the radio to follow the recommendations of the authorities.
  • Stay where you are until the authorities give you permission to leave again. Consider traffic (detours, road closures, ...): follow the instructions of the police.


In general, you will not have to take shelter for more than a couple of hours. Based on the scale of the emergency, in a second phase the authorities may request you to evacuate.